Skin diseases


Xanthoma – the formation of yellow spots on the skin caused by lipid disorders in the body. There are several types of xanthomas. Tuberous xanthomas are usually formed on the skin of knee and elbow areas, tendon xanthoma – on the extensor tendons of the hands and feet, as well as the Achilles tendon. Clusters of small yellow papules of precipitating are called xanthomas, flatter Education – flat xanthomas. Large nodules occur mostly on the elbows and knees. On the elbows, knees, phalanges, wrists, and in the tarsal crater nodules appear – tuberous xanthomas. Sometimes it is possible a kind of yellowish color of palms and soles, flat formation, or planar xanthomas.


Xanthomas often consist of so-called foam cells, among which are large cells. Cholesterol crystals, lipids and fats are found in foam cells. Xanthomas are not somehow separate disease, and they – the result or symptom of congenital or acquired metabolic disorders of fat. Large nodular xanthomas typically occur in diabetes or kidney disease. Crater xanthomas may occur with inflammation of the pancreas, as well as the immoderate use of alcohol. They occur on the tendons in the blockage of the bile duct. In addition, these structures arise as a result of liver disease or heavy operations. They are one of the many symptoms of illness, called xanthomatosis, for example, Brooke syndrome, Lawrence syndrome.


Xanthoma can disappear only when the elimination of the metabolic disorders. Solitary xanthoma can be removed surgically.

Self-treatment of xanthoma is not possible. When small nodules appeared do not to smear any ointments, especially trying to pick out. You must also follow a special diet: reduce the consumption of carbohydrates and fats, partly to give up eggs, butter, pork, sugar.

At the first sign of xanthomas you should go to the doctor.

The doctor will try to establish the cause of the xanthomas. Since the true cause of metabolic disorders is extremely difficult to establish, this investigation may continue for long time. Depending on the diagnosis of the disease is applied the appropriate treatment. In the absence of an accurate diagnosis prescribe the proper diet along with medication therapy and monitor the effectiveness of treatment.

Course of the disease

Xanthomas may appear at first as red papules, which are formed in the middle of a yellow center. Later xanthomas become yellowish-brown nodules of various sizes. Large nodular xanthoma (often in a single merged several xanthomas) can reach the size of a hen’s egg.

Is it dangerous?

Xanthoma – benign tumors, so they are not dangerous. However, they disappear very long time or does not disappear, so that over time can bring some trouble (hurt their clothing, movement, and they bleed, hurt or hinder). Large painful xanthomas (eg, patella) should be removed.

How can you protect yourself from xanthomas?

  • Patient with a specific disease of metabolism, in order to avoid the appearance of xanthomas must take certain medications and diet
  • Balanced diet helps in xanthoma.
  • You can not abuse alcohol, because it increases the amount of fat in the blood.

Xanthoma is not a single disease, but its main symptom. They do not pose a risk to human health. You need to diagnose a disease that causes xanthomas.