Testicular cancer

A tumor that grows in the testis may consist of different types of cells. Most often, the tumor begins to form in an altered epithelial cell of the vas deferens testicles that produce seminal fluid. This type of cancer called seminoma. Fortunately, seminoma is not only the most common, but the most harmless kind of testicular cancer.

In addition, testicular cancer is extremely rare. However, if there is swelling in the testicle, it usually is a malignant. Among all types of cancer most likely to cure, perhaps, from testicular cancer – up to 90% all patients with seminoma. For the prevention of the disease each time taking a shower man should feel the testicles to make sure that there is no edema.


  • Painless swelling testicles.
  • Feeling of heaviness in the testicle.
  • The increase in the inguinal lymph nodes.


Until now, the causes of testicular cancer are not clear. We can only say that the likelihood of testicular cancer is much higher in those men who have testicles or completely located in the abdominal cavity, or not fully descended into the scrotum. Often the development of testicular cancer is influenced by various injuries, or inflammation of the testicles, viruses, and of hormonal metabolism.


The affected testicle is removed expeditious manner. Then additionally prescribe chemotherapy.

As with any other cancers early diagnosis of cancer can save patient lives. Therefore, men are advised to regularly check the testes.

Testicular cancer – a common cause of edema testis, but this does not mean that every swelling of the testicle is a symptom of cancer. Still, you should seek immediate medical attention to the fact that he looked swollen testicle.

The first, doctor will examine and felt the testicle. At the slightest suspicion of testicular cancer, his expose operational way. The study of tissues under a microscope taken during the biopsy will determine type of testicular cancer. This is very important for treatment; in addition, one can predict the probability of survival of the patient. If this is seminoma, it is quite possible that after the removal of the testicle and chemotherapy the patient is completely healed.

Course of the disease

Approximately nine out of ten patients with seminoma comes complete recovery. The likelihood of recovery of men suffering from the so-called teratomas – the second most common type of cancer, some less. Survive about seven out of ten of these patients. The probability of survival in patients horioncarcinoma (a very rare form of testicular cancer) is very small. In all cases of testicular cancer, with the exception of seminoma patients have to operate again. During the second operation removed the lymph nodes of the abdomen. Seminoma – a type of cancer treatment that best results are achieved by the use of chemotherapy. Children born with undecided testicles (cryptorchidism) in order to prevent testicular cancer, should operate to discharge of 6 years.

Is it dangerous?

Testicular cancer, like all cancers, life threatening, but early diagnosis and appropriate treatment can hope for a cure.


The testicle is located in a conspicuous place, the men immediately feel it changes so often testicular cancer is diagnosed early. In addition, you can feel the testicle itself. Suspicion should cause an increase in testicular or swelling.

After removal of the patient’s testicles

Men are afraid that as a result of treatment they will be sterile and impotent. But even if the sore testicle emoved second usually is not affected and operates normally.