Sore throat

Burning throat, pain on swallowing, the feeling of compression of the pharynx – all this includes symptom of sore throat. The pain may be caused by inflammation of the pharynx (throat), tonsils (tonsillitis) or larynx (laryngitis). However, often a sore throat is just one symptom of any disease. The throat hurts usually with a cold, many inflammatory and infectious diseases (eg measles, chicken pox). In addition, these diseases are characterized by an increase in cervical lymph nodes. Sore throat can be caused not only inflammation, but also a variety of injuries (eg, neck sprain) as well as inhalation of toxic substances.


Acute inflammation of the mouth and throat often caused by bacteria and viruses, and chronic inflammation – by toxic substances. Top of the inflammatory process contributes to the inhalation of dry air.

Inflammation of the pharynx and palate

Typically, an acute inflammation of the throat caused by viruses, it is often also accompanied by a bacterial infection. Symptoms of sore throat are redness and swelling of the throat, the appearance of plaque on it. Swallowing pain in the throat is usually intense. Chronic pharyngitis is characterized by a foreign body sensation in the throat, irritating cough, and a violation of swallowing, and general well-being of the patient remains normal. In addition, sometimes the patient noted an increase in cervical lymph nodes, sore throat.

Inflammation of the tonsils

The most common cause of angina are streptococci. The patient appears pain in the throat, worse on swallowing, fever, increased cervical lymph nodes.

Inflammation of the larynx

Acute inflammation of the larynx (laryngitis) is caused by bacteria or viruses. Symptoms of laryngitis are sore throat, hoarseness, fever, loss of voice. Duration of chronic laryngitis is a few weeks or months. Usually contributes to the development of disease inhalation of air containing hazardous substances, for example., tobacco smoke, lead, dust, etc. Laryngitis can also cause dry air in the room.

Other diseases

Runny nose and sore throat are symptoms that occur in the initial stage of many infectious diseases (eg, colds). The throat may be sick as in diphtheria, scarlet fever and mumps. Sore throat observed with a cold, when the germs enter the nasal passages and cause inflammation. Sore throat occurs when the thrush. This disease is caused by a decrease in the level of immune protection, is characterized by lesions of the mucous membranes of the mouth and palate. A sore throat is characteristic of a fungal infection of nasopharynx and oral cavity.

How to reduce pain in the throat?

The choice of the recommended funds depends on the cause of the sore throat. If sore throat is not strong, and the cause of the disease is unclear, it could help warming wraps on the neck and rinse. When inflammation to relieve pain by using various herbal teas. In addition, in drugstores without a prescription pills can be purchased sucking providing for the oral cavity and anti-infective action. However, in severe infectious viral disease, these drugs have very little effect. In acute sore throat gargle is recommended, to suck the tablet from a sore throat, apply hot compress on his neck. In some cases, when inflammation is also associated bacterial infection, antibiotics are recommended. In chronic pharyngitis, in the first place, it is necessary to clarify and resolve the causes of the disease.

Angina is usually treated with antibiotics. Used for pain relief pain medication or sucking the tablets. In addition, it is necessary to rinse the throat disinfectant liquid. Have a beneficial effect and hot compress on his neck. In the treatment of acute laryngitis is very effective steam inhalation. In extreme cases, prescribe antibiotics.

If a child is often sick with angina, it is necessary to remove the tonsils. However, it is believed that early childhood tonsils do in the body of the child an important protective function. Therefore, surgery to remove the tonsils is not made for children under five.