Skin diseases


Rosacea is a skin disease that most often affects a person’s face. It is characterized by a rash on the skin – acne rosacea. The disease occurs in middle and old age, more common in women, although rosacea in men are characterized by more severe forms. Rashes appear around the nose and cheeks, reminiscent of a butterfly. From common acne rosacea is characterized by the absence of comedones and scars. With long-term course of the disease hypertrophic changes in the subcutaneous tissue of the nose occur, resulting in the nose thickens and changes its shape, the so-called rhinophyma is formed. Due to inflammation and vasodilation nose gets red-violet color.


  • Redness of the face around the nose and cheeks, reminiscent of a butterfly.
  • Proliferation skin of the nose, increased nose.


The causes of rosacea are unknown. Previously, doctors thought that the rash is caused by diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Others thought that rosacea is the result of dysfunction of the sebaceous glands. It is proved that alcohol contributes to the manifestation of rosacea, but that does not mean that rosacea patient is a lover of booze. Rosacea can occur in people with sensitive skin, with a tendency to redness, from heat, cold, hot spices, emotions and drinks.


For the treatment of rosacea various skin cleanser, vitamin preparations and antibiotics are used. In the absence of appropriate treatment for several years rhinophyma is developing (usually appears only in males). In some cases, a cosmetic surgery is necessary.

An additional measure of treatment of rosacea is careful care of the affected skin. It is necessary to protect the skin from cold, wind, direct sunlight.

With the appearance of the characteristic rash it is necessary to find out whether it is a symptom of some other dangerous disease. Rosacea should be treated as soon as possible to prevent the appearance of rhinophyma or eye damage.

The doctor is satisfied – is it really rosacea? Unfortunately, there is no test by which it is possible to accurately identify the disease. Therefore, the doctor will perform a bit of research in order to make the diagnosis. And only then, when it became clear that there are no other possible causes of rash, he prescribes treatment. When there is rosacea, you should not use ointments or creams. Sometimes regular cleansing is enough. Cleaning facial is performed in almost all beauty parlors and hospitals. If the skin condition is severe, it is necessary to use antibiotics or glucocorticoids. In the presence of rhinophyma doctor may suggest surgery.

Course of the disease

Rashes on the face initially appear as minor redness, but after a while they become dark red or blue-red. The skin is bumpy, inflammatory nodules appear, blood vessels dilate. Nodules can be converted into pus bubbles. Over time, tissue grows and eventually rhinophyma appears.

If in addition to the symptoms of rosacea other symptoms appear (eg, sweating, fever, decreased immunity, susceptibility to bleeding), the patient should be carefully examined as this may be a manifestation of leukemia. Rosacea may appear in other serious diseases, such as tuberculosis, sarcoidosis, cancer.