Raynaud’s syndrome

Raynaud’s syndrome – paroxysmal disorders of blood circulation hands or feet that occur most often under the influence of cold. In this case, fingers numb, become pale, cold and cyanotic. Blood flow occurs in the blood vessel after the attack, which causes pain and redness of the hands and feet. There are two forms of Raynaud’s syndrome – primary and secondary.

Primary Raynaud’s syndrome is more common in women than men. The disease develops after puberty and usually disappears during pregnancy or early menopause.

Secondary Raynaud’s syndrome – a consequence of a variety of diseases that is common in women than men.


  • Skin discoloration, redness.
  • Fingers or toes suddenly pale.
  • Numbness in the fingers.
  • Cyanosis.


The causes of spasms of blood vessels in some form of Raynaud’s syndrome are different. The true causes of primary Raynaud’s phenomenon is not yet known. It is assumed that the blood vessels of patients with this disease are much more sensitive to the hormone norepinephrine than blood vessels healthy. It is known that the development of this syndrome play an important role as the sex hormones. Secondary Raynaud’s syndrome is manifested against other diseases, especially diseases of the connective tissue and skin (eg, scleroderma, periarthritis nodosa). Secondary Raynaud’s syndrome can occur in cases of poisoning, taking certain medications (as a side effect) or due to other factors (vibration, cooling).


The main thing in the treatment of both forms of Raynaud’s syndrome – to avoid the cold and moisture stress. Patient should stop smoking and drinking strong tea and coffee, this does not provoke vasoconstriction. In secondary Raynaud’s syndrome it is important to treat the underlying disease. In the mild form of the syndrome the blood circulation can be improved with the help of massage the affected parts of the body with a dry brush, baths for hands and feet, or connective tissue massage. Raynaud’s syndrome is treated with drugs, which have antispasmodic and stimulating effect.

There are many people with an innate propensity for Raynaud’s syndrome. However, if you protect hands and feet from cold and moisture, the syndrome may not occur. Exercises for fingers and other similar methods of treatment help to prevent the disease.

With weakly pronounced fit it is not necessary to go to the doctor. However, if other ailments occur, the doctor may suggest a secondary Raynaud’s phenomenon. In this case it is very important to treat the underlying disease.

First, the physician should determine the cause of Raynaud’s syndrome. With suspected secondary Raynaud’s syndrome, he tries to diagnose and treat the underlying disease. In severe disease surgery is performed – sympathectomy (imposition of special brackets on the sympathetic trunk).

Spasm of blood vessels in the fingers and toes can last from several minutes to several hours. Due to circulatory disorders, fingers are pale and sore. In severe cases, the skin of the affected extremities becomes cold, bright and intense. In the future tissue damage is possible.

How to protect yourself from attacks of Raynaud’s syndrome?

  • You should wear gloves.
  • Eliminate the use of strong tea and coffee.
  • You must avoid stressful situations.
  • Do not smoke.