Psychovegetative syndrome

Psychovegetative syndrome is the sickly condition, characterized by cardiac indispositions (sense of prelum, cardiopalmus), headache, weight in a stomach, violation of uropoiesis, enhanceable sensitiveness to the cold, sweating, nausea, dizziness, violations of monthly cycle. In addition, there are depression, different phobias, internal anxiety, crabbiness, insomnia and apathy. Patients characterize all these symptoms as brightly expressed. However much it turns out after a careful medical inspection, that the internal organs (heart, stomach, intestine and urinary bladder) of patients are absolutely healthy.


  • Cardiac indispositions.
  • Weight is in a stomach, urinary violations and emptying of intestine.
  • Nausea, dizziness, headache, sweating.
  • Depression, phobias, insomnia.


The basis of psycho-vegetative syndrome is dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. Predisposition to this disorder is usually inherited, however much its veritable cause is the large psychological stress.


At the brightly expressed symptoms most commonly medicinal treatment is used. Some medications have a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system. Usually the symptoms of psychovegetative syndrome disappear enough quickly, but the disease can not be cured completely.

In the uncomplicated cases, when psychovegetative disorders show up only occasionally, you just need relax. For example, it is possible to take a holiday, leave the city or go for a walk in the fresh air.

At the brightly expressed and long symptoms it is necessary to think about a change of lifestyle. Changing of profession, stopping of difficult relationships with a partner, engaged in the span-new type of activity, deepening into a religion are frequently instrumental in disappearance of all symptoms the disease.

As a rule, people, sufferings from psychovegetative disorders, do not try to fight with them. However in case of occurring of somatic violations it is necessary immediately to appeal to the qualified doctor. Today many people suffer from psychical exhaustion, so it is recommended to speak to the psychologist as early as possible and begin anti-stress therapy. In heavy cases certain psychical disorders can be incurable.

Before to diagnose a psychovegetative syndrome, a doctor must find out whether a patient does not suffer from some organic illness, e.g., by ulcerous illness of stomach. After authentication of diagnosis doctor prescribes medications. Then a doctor necessarily will ask the patient necessarily about his lifestyle, possibly, will advise to change anything or will send to the psychotherapist.

Course of the disease

Psychovegetative syndrome can flow variously. Symptoms and the degree of severity are also very different. Most often all indisposition show up at age 40, as well as during periods of hormonal changes. The symptoms of the disease usually respond to successful treatment. In order to avoid a relapse the change of lifestyle or psychotherapy is recommended. However predisposition to this disorder (which shows up with new and new symptoms) is saving during all life.