Respiratory diseases


Pneumothorax (Gr. pneuma – breath, thorax – chest) – accumulation of air in the pleural cavity. Air enters the closed pleural cavity at break its walls, accumulating, it compresses the lung. Pneumothorax is a relatively rare condition. However, it can occur at a young age, and in healthy humans.


  • Stabbing pain in the side.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • A feeling of pressure and pain in the chest.


The causes of pneumothorax are different. Traumatic pneumothorax occurs with stab or gunshot wounds of the chest, lungs or bronchial tubes. There are three types of pneumothorax: 1) the closed pneumothorax (when the damaged pleura after prolonged contact with a small amount of air that is absorbed and lungs re-straightened), open pneumothorax (when the air flows freely into the pleural cavity and leaves it through an open wound – lung ceases to participate in breathing) and a valve pneumothorax (when the size of the wound does not allow the air to come out after inhalation). As a result of spontaneous pneumothorax, that occurs in diseases of the lungs, pleura often breaks in purulent inflammation of the lung. Pneumothorax is manifested suddenly. After coughing or exercise chest pain begins, there is an acute respiratory failure. If this is pneumothorax, a person needs emergency medical care.


If air gets into the chest – no treatment is necessary: air quickly resolves itself. If more air got between the lungs and pleura, it must be removed, because only in this case, the lung is unfold. The air from the pleural cavity is removed by drainage, which is performed under local anesthesia. Plastic needle is introduced into the chest, which is connected to the pump and the tube through which air is removed. After the procedure, the patient must be in a few days in the hospital.

If you have pain in the chest and difficulty in breathing, you should immediately seek medical attention.

A doctor listens to the chest with a stethoscope. Thus he determines the presence of air in the chest. Then a doctor makes an X-ray to determine the amount of air trapped in the lungs, and the degree of atelectasis.

Course of the disease

The patient feels pain in his chest; he found it hard to breathe. Sometimes there is very hard pain in the side. All of these symptoms appear suddenly. After treatment, people usually recover, but the pneumothorax can be repeated several times in a row.

Is it a dangerous disease?

Usually there is no danger to human life.


You can only reduce the likelihood of its manifestations: to maintain a good physical condition and do breathing exercises.