Skin diseases


Pemphigus is one of the most serious diseases, apparently, viral origin. Pemphigus is a group of rare skin disease, which is characterized by blistering of the skin. Blisters occur for no apparent causes in the upper layer of the skin and especially to the oral mucosa. Blisters quickly burst, clear liquid derived from them. Crusts are formed in the affected areas of the skin. True pemphigus is accompanied by the appearance blisters on the skin or intact mucous membranes, blisters tend to generalize and merge. Men and the elderly are most susceptible to this disease. Pemphigus in children is very rare. In severe cases, the bubbles can be spread over the entire surface of the body, like the psoriasis.


  • Soft bubbles on the skin filled with a clear liquid.
  • Sometimes the content of the bubbles becomes turbid and purulent.
  • First, bubbles appear on the oral mucosa.
  • Bubbles burst quickly; erosion is formed in its place.


When there is pemphigus, immune system produces antibodies that have a negative effect on the skin. Therefore pemphigus refers to a group of autoimmune diseases.


Hormones are usually prescribed to the patient – glucocorticoids (eg, prednisone). For the prevention of violations of electrolyte balance potassium and calcium are prescribed. In addition, an external treatment of pemphigus – lubrication damaged skin with a solution of potassium permanganate, paint Kastelani, mouthwash disinfectant solutions. To reduce side effects of glucocorticoids other medicines are prescribed too. If bubbles are located only in certain areas of the skin, glucocorticoid treatment can be used and outpatient. With rampant rash treatment is carried out in the hospital: insufficient intensive treatment of pemphigus can be life-threatening. When the bubble bursts, the skin may stick to the sheet, so the patient’s body and all linens, spread talcum powder. To prevent inflammation damaged skin, various ointments are appointed.

Any special preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of this disease are not present. In any case the patient should not self-medicate.

If oral bubbles appeared, you should consult your doctor. Dermatologist carefully examines bubbles, appearing on the skin. Timely treatment increases the likelihood of recovery.

The family doctor or a general practitioner usually refers the patient to a dermatologist. Pemphigus can be diagnosed by examining tissue.

Course of the disease

The disease is prolonged for years, with remissions and relapses. If treatment does not start on time, due to dehydration and infections serious complications are possible. The life expectancy of the patient in the absence of treatment of pemphigus is from 1 to 3 years.

The main goal of treatment – to suppress the formation of new bubbles and thereby slow down the process of destruction of the skin. Glucocorticoid treatment of pemphigus is very long, they must be used within a few years. Unfortunately, a full recovery is very rare.