Skin diseases


Pediculosis is an infestation of lice. Lice – wingless, bloodsucking insects, parasites on the body of humans and mammals. In the world there are about 400 species of lice. The body is flattened, a length of 1-5 mm, covered with bristles and hairs. Lice have three pairs of short legs equipped with claws. Only three types of lice pose a danger to humans: head, pubic and hanging.

The fertilized female lays up to 200 eggs, which are due to chitin substance attached to the base of the hair shaft. A week later, larvae appear, and after another three weeks lice reach sexual maturity. Lice feed on blood hairy skin. While infecting human head lice, the first thing that you will notice – the white nits, similar to dandruff, which firmly hold on the hair. In addition, on the scalp you can be see the characteristic redness and swelling at the site of the bite. Soon itching appears. Itchy skin is so strong that people cannot resist scratching. Constantly scratching skin sometimes is affected to such a degree that there is eczema. With the penetration of infection in the scratching to the blood place the lymph nodes (inguinal and cervical) can greatly increase.


  • Nits in hair.
  • Places bite on the scalp or across the body.
  • Severe itching, itching in the anus.
  • Red swelling (especially on the back).


Usually, an infestation of lice occurs directly from person to person through physical contact. However, contamination through clothing, bedding, and personal things is possible too.

Infestation of lice is not always indicative of the absence of personal hygiene of the person as it may occur through close contact with sick children (school, kindergarten). Lice can easily crawl from one child to another.


Treatment of pediculosis requires patience. Available in pharmacies various drugs are easy to use: a special preparation is rubbed into the scalp, and after a while carefully washed with water.

During treatment, it is essential to change the towels and clothes every day, after each combing hair it is necessary to wash the comb. During the treatment of human infection with pubic lice, which usually grow in the genital area and the anus, at least in the armpits, the patient should avoid sexual contact. You can protect yourself from lice, observing basic hygiene, and should not use a hat, towel, comb or linens another person.

If you suspect head lice from one of the members of the family, should immediately consult a doctor. After determining the type of lice doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment. Body lice are somewhat larger (up to 4.5 mm), in their places of bites small red lesions remain, largely on the back. Strong scratching may cause eczema.

Course of the disease

After a few days after the lice itch appears. In addition to nits, dandruff-like, sometimes on the scalp you can be see lice, whose number is increasing rapidly. Over time, the itching increases. If the cause of pediculosis – hanging lice, swelling appear on the skin at the site of the bite. In the treatment and personal hygiene, these symptoms usually disappear within a week. If secondary bacterial infection joins, should take antibiotics for pediculosis.

Is it dangerous?

If you suspect lice, you should consult a doctor to avoid inflammation or eczema due to strong scratching.

Today, with pediculosis patients do not need to shave head bald, use smelly drugs or oil hair mask.