Pall skin

Pale skin (most often – face) is the result of various diseases and the influence of factors, adverse to the human body. Skin color depends on the number of circulating blood in small arteries and capillaries. When blood vessels constrict, the person becomes pale. With the expansion of large vessels due to blood flow, the skin reddens. Change the lumen of blood vessels regulate the two parts of the autonomic nervous system – sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems (SNS and PNS). Mediator of the SNS (matter, transferring momentum) is the adrenaline, the allocation of which blood vessels constrict. PNS is a neurotransmitter acetylcholine, dilates blood vessels. We must distinguish the sudden pallor that comes as a result of stress, and pallor, which is not a long time.


The reasons for the pallor may be different.

Anemia (anemia)

Pale skin, not passing a long time, can be a symptom of anemia, characterized by a decrease in blood total hemoglobin.

In most cases, the anemia and decreases the level of red blood cells.

Heart failure

The cause of the patient’s pallor in heart failure is the inability of the heart to provide sufficient blood flow in blood vessels.

Diseases of internal organs

Pallor often occurs when infectious diseases such as acute respiratory viral infections. Due to the fact that both manifest and other symptoms of infection such as fever, chills, etc., cause pallor becomes clear.


With a strong migraine and other painful headaches often appear pale skin and mucous membranes.


The reason for the pallor may be exhaustion as a result of prolonged starvation, disease or other causes.


The woman pallor may occur during menstruation, especially if heavy and prolonged bleeding.


Pallor during pregnancy appears quite often. The body should be expecting mothers to feed a growing baby, so the systemic circulation accounts for a considerable load.

Nicotine and Alcohol

Nicotine causes constriction of blood vessels, so often the smoker’s skin is pale. The pallor is often caused by alcohol poisoning.


Some people are born with pale skin are different. Apparently, their skin is relatively thick, so these people almost never fade.


Before fainting man also severely pales besides, he had dark eyes, there is a weakness, ringing in the ears, sometimes a person is covered with cold sweat.