Osteoarthritis of the hip

Through hip leg connects to the pelvis; its structure makes possible the bipedalism. Hip joint – the second (after the knee) largest joint of the human body, so it has to maintain the considerable loading. The hip joint is formed by the articular surface of the femoral head and the acetabulum of the pelvic bone. Femoral head clearly comes into the acetabulum. Bones of the hip joint are covered with cartilage. In osteoarthritis cartilage becomes rough, cracked, worn, bare the surface of bone. Nude femoral head is ground at the bone of pelvic cavity, it causes great pain.

Osteoarthritis of the hip is characterized by limited mobility in the hip joint. For the normal functioning of joint it is necessary, that all its structures – the cartilage, bone, copulas, joint fluid, capsule and muscle – co-operated with each other. Loss of function of any of these components causes a change in the mechanism of motions of joint and violation of its activity. This condition is called osteoarthritis.


  • Crunch at motion.
  • Pain.
  • Decreased mobility of the joints.


Causes of osteoarthritis of the hip are analogical to those, which cause arthritis of other joints. Osteoarthritis arises up from the defects of cartilage, large loading on a joint, hormonal disorders. This disease affects more women or professional sportsmen. Other possible causes of osteoarthritis – bones badly accreted after a break, innate anomalies of the hip joint. It is assumed that more than 1 million people in age about 60 years suffer from osteoarthritis of the hip.


Usually for the maintenance of function of joint the conservative methods of treatment are used, for example, thermal procedures, massage and medical physical education. However, often patients have to be operated. Young people quite often have threat of ankylosis. For elderly people doctors produce the implantation of different prosthetic appliances. Procedure is named complete replacement of hip joint, because both the head of thigh-bone and the acetabulum are replaced – component parts of the hip joint. At wrong position of the femoral head a doctor conducts operation during which he cuts the femoral neck and sets the femoral head into place.

At osteoarthritis of the hip it is very important to watch after a bodyweight (what less bodyweight – the joints are exposed to the less loading). In addition, it is necessary to avoid a heavy physical work. It is necessary regularly to examine legs and feet of child (do they develop normally?), because often the first signs of osteoarthritis of the hip show up already in the first years of life.

Osteoarthritis – a progressive disease, those the patient’s condition gets worse gradually. Noticing the first symptoms of osteoarthritis of the hip, it is necessary to appeal to the doctor. Timely treatment allows to halt or even slow progress of illness.

Foremost, a doctor will estimate the degree of seriousness of illness. Usually he looks after motions of patient, probes the degree of mobility of joints. With the purpose of clarification of diagnosis X-rays of the hip joint is done. Sometimes radiographs legs or feet are performed. It is done because quite often the cause of osteoarthritis of the hip is a different length of feet, innate anomalies or deformations of the feet.

Course of the disease

At first, osteoarthritis of the hip is asymptomatic – there are only small changes of cartilage, which do not cause the pain feelings. Then there is pain, bones begin to be ground at each other, the femoral head becomes deformed. A man cannot quickly walk. The slower he moves, the longer the hip muscles are tense. The gait becomes wrong, the posture is violated.