Respiratory diseases

Lung abscess

Lung abscess is a local cavity with pus, which is formed due to necrosis of lung tissue, surrounded by a zone of pneumonitis.

Typically, lung abscess is a consequence of inflammation of the lungs, which is caused by bacteria. Purulent inflammation of the lung tissue can begin in those instances when pus through blood enters the lungs of the other suppurative lesions present in the body, such as inflammation of the inner ear, boils. Another reason for the development of lung abscess – foreign bodies in the airways. Foreign body can get into the lung with loss of consciousness or the use of general anesthesia. In addition, lung abscess can be formed and when bronchiectasis – abnormal enlargement of the bronchial tubes.


  • Chills.
  • Severe bleeding.
  • Sputum.
  • Respiratory failure.
  • Sometimes the pain in his side.


A patient who has a lung abscess are immediately hospitalized. Antibiotics and antifungal medications are prescribed, and in extreme cases, intravenous administration of the drugs are used. Once or twice a day a doctor gives a patient’s body posture at which the leg is raised upward, and the body is lowered down. This posture promotes the release of purulent, often foul-smelling, sputum. In 80% of cases after different treatments lung abscess disappears. In other cases, after 6-8 weeks, the patient is operated.

Self-treatment of lung abscess is impossible. In addition, almost always abscesses develop against any other disease, which are characterized by the appearance of purulent focus. All infectious diseases need careful treatment. Patient should observe all instructions of the doctor. Treatment should be continued, even if all symptoms have disappeared, and overall health has improved. Otherwise, germs may remain in the body.

Lung abscess causes deterioration of general health. There are fever, weakness, chills in a patient, so patient should be in bed. Whenever you have these symptoms, you should call a doctor.

A doctor with a stethoscope listens to the lungs, ask about previous medical history of the lungs. If the patient’s medical history and condition indicate a lung abscess, the doctor will refer the patient to the hospital. In order to confirm the diagnosis X-ray pictures of lungs and blood are made in the hospital. Abscess appears as a dark dot on pictures.

Course of the disease

After transferring the primary infection the patient is so weakened, and with the emergence of an abscess his health further deteriorates. He has a fever, difficult breathing. Often the patient is suffering severe cough with frothy, blood or purulent sputum. However, such sputum is not always observed. Absence of treatment results in the best case to encapsulate abscess. Symptoms of chronic disease disappear, but may recur at any time. In addition, the activity of the lungs is broken into more or less. In severe disease bleeding from the lungs may develop. Seal lung tissue is possible, because of what it ceases to perform its function. Through blood germs easily fall into other parts of the body and cause the formation of new ulcers in them (often they occur in the brain), which may lead to death.

Lung abscess can kill. But today the appointment of effective antibiotics increases the likelihood of recovery. The duration of the disease – a few weeks, but even with careful treatment of complications may occur.