Laryngeal cancer

Larynx is the upper part of trachea, located between the pharynx and trachea. Swallowing the epiglottis covers the larynx to the airways did not get unwanted substances. In addition, the larynx is vocal folds, through which man is able to speak. The larynx and vocal apparatus works a big load. Also, they are affected by many stimuli, such as hazardous substances in the air. It is assumed that these harmful substances are the leading cause of cancer. Laryngeal cancer is 1-6% of all malignant tumors. In 80% of cases of laryngeal cancer center is formed on the vocal folds and the earliest symptom – hoarseness. If the tumor is detected early, the chances of the patient’s full recovery are sufficiently large, about 90%.


  • Hoarseness that lasts more than three weeks.
  • In the later stages of throat cancer – shortness of breath.


Most often, cancer of the larynx is found in Brazil, India, Poland. It is proved that the main cause of throat cancer is smoking, and alcohol. Value for smokers and nonsmokers, who died of cancer of the larynx, is 5,5:1. Constant contact with harmful substances such as asbestos, sulfuric acid, and other harmful chemical compounds contribute to the appearance of this tumor.


Treatment of laryngeal cancer is carried out by surgery. The main thing – remove the entire tumor without a trace. The operation was better to spend the initial stages of the disease. In humans, there are two vocal folds, if the second is not affected, during the operation they are usually not removed. Another method of treatment is radiation therapy. This method is applied and after the surgery (to destroy residual tumor tissue). Chemotherapy is rarely assigned only in extreme cases, if you suspect the presence of metastasis.

Self-treatment of this disease is almost impossible. Patient must see a doctor and live a healthy life without alcohol and smoking, thereby contributing to recovery. For successful treatment requires a positive attitude of the patient, belief in recovery, even in very severe cases, can work wonders.

If a man hoarse with no clear reasons for this and hoarseness lasts longer than three weeks, should seek immediate medical attention.

If there is a suspicion of cancer of the larynx, then to confirm the diagnosis will be carried out examination of the patient using X-rays. Otolaryngologist will examine the larynx by laryngoscopy. First of all, doctor held indirect laryngoscopy – when viewed from the larynx and vocal cords using a mirror, like a dentist’s mirror.

If the doctor finds the node, then take a piece of tissue and sends it to a lab for testing. Biopsy (taking a piece of tissue) is performed under local anesthesia. If the tissue histologically assessed as tumor, we performed surgery, removing all or part of the larynx. After surgery, the neck is exposed, in some cases, prescribe chemotherapy.

Course of the disease

As mentioned, the hoarseness is an early symptom of cancer of the larynx. In addition, laryngeal cancer progresses slowly and metastasizes late enough, so the likelihood of recovery is quite high.

During the surgery the doctors removed the larynx most patients. After that, the doctor must perform a tracheostomy (on the front wall of the trachea is a hole where he enter the hollow tube).

After removal of the larynx

A man whose larynx is removed, can not speak. In order for people after such an operation could agree with others, they are trained so-called “esophageal” speech. When speaking air is compressed in the stomach, with his exhalation understandable speech sounds are formed. In other cases, you can use the generator to vote. This handy device pressed against her mouth, thereby becoming audible silently articulated speech sounds.

It is important to diagnose cancer of the larynx! So, if hoarseness lasts more than three weeks, the patient must consult a doctor.