Intermittent claudication

Intermittent claudication is often a result of atherosclerosis. Intermittent claudication in humans during walking suddenly has pains in the legs, but usually disappears when you stop.


  • Pain in the calf muscles when walking.
  • Reducing the sensitivity of the lower extremities.
  • Poorly healing wounds, ulcers.
  • Tissue necrosis.

Similar symptoms as intermittent claudication of the lower limbs appear in the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the arteries of the upper extremities.


Almost always the cause of pain is atherosclerosis. In large arteries, which provide lower limbs with oxygen and nutrients, there are characteristic for atherosclerosis of the cluster: the so-called plaques formed in the walls of the blood vessels of the blood fat and enlarged connective tissue, which eventually calcify, blood vessel walls become hard and brittle. If a strong narrowing of the blood vessels near the plaque, blood flow is disturbed. There is no enough oxygen for metabolism, and there is a lot of pain due to acidosis. Since the motion is used more oxygen than at rest, pain at first appear when walking.


Treatment depends on the stage of the disease. First of all, the blood circulation in the lower extremities is stimulated, for example, using a douche, walking on water. Also blood circulation is stimulated with foot massage, nettle tea, and regular physical therapy sessions. In addition, vasodilators and strengthen the walls of blood vessels medications are prescribed, as well as drugs that reduce the viscosity and blood clotting. With the progression of the disease, doctors are trying to expand the narrowed arteries by inserting a catheter into them. When complete blockage of the arteries, the operation is conducted, during which the affected part of the artery is replaced with prosthesis. If the lack of oxygen killed tissues, affected part of the limb is amputated.

When symptoms of the disease, you should stop smoking and drinking. It is recommended to reduce the intake of fat, salt, increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. It is necessary to lose excess weight. Under the supervision of a physician, you can start to run trot 2-3 times a week for 40 minutes.

When symptoms of intermittent claudication, you should seek medical attention.

The doctor will apply a simple way to determine the circulatory disorders: offer the patient to lie on your back and lift both legs straight up. The patient must perform a circular motion down. A healthy person performing these exercises for 10 minutes, there is not causing any discomfort, but in violation of arterial circulation, there are pain and legs pale skin. For the diagnosis of intermittent claudication also other methods are used, for example, Doppler sonography and angiography.

Course of the disease

At first, legs will start to hurt after long walks, later pain and parastezii begins to torment increasingly. When a foot injury or foot wounds heal slowly or does not heal. As the disease progresses there are sores on the calves. Finally, large areas of tissue may become black. In such cases it is usually necessary to perform the operation. When complete blockage of the arteries, a person’s life is in danger.

Fluidity of blood improves the active ingredient of aspirin – acetylsalicylic acid. However, to avoid intermittent claudication should stop smoking, reduce obesity and normalize blood pressure, adhere to proper regime of work and rest, move more, eat right.