Skin diseases


Hyperhidrosis is intense sweating for a variety of reasons. The word itself comes from the Latin words “hyper” – elevated and “hydro” – water. Literally translated, complex medical term hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating.

Human by nature tend to sweat, but normal sweating – it is not a disease but a natural reaction to fear, emotions, heat. But in the case of hyperhidrosis sweating occurs differently: even at the thought of shaking hands, hugging, sweat appears instantly on hand, just at the thought.


  • Sweating at the thought of shaking hands, hugging.
  • Sweating at excitement, even a little.
  • Heavy sweating, when a man went to the frosty streets in the shop, home and other buildings.


Doctors distinguish several possible causes of hyperhidrosis – endocrine effects, tumor diseases, several infections. Also the cause of excessive sweating is meningitis. To pinpoint the cause, doctors in each case carried out a survey of the patient’s medical record and view a history of other diseases.


Treatment of hyperhidrosis is conservative and surgical. The most effective method – holding a small and simple operation that will forever save a human from excessive sweating hands. By surgical treatment of hyperhidrosis include endoscopic sympathectomy, open sympathectomy or traditional open sympathectomy. The essence of these operations is the incision of the skin in areas of excessive sweating throughout the body and the possibility of overlapping intense sweating.

Another method – liposuction axilla. Using a small tube that is inserted through the pinhole, the doctor performs the removal of axillary tissue. Destruction of sympathetic nerves leads to the disruption of the flow of nerve impulses to the sweat glands. The described method is largely used for treating obese patients. Many patients are attracted so-called ultrasonic liposuction. The method is widely used in plastic surgery, that does liposuction more fully and several smaller injuries – which leaves less scarring.

Course of the disease

When hyperhidrosis occurs, there are two states – general excessive sweating and local excessive sweating. In most cases, doctors fix local essential hyperhidrosis. It is still unknown why there is often this type of hyperhidrosis (so he is called essential).

Everyone decides for himself, it is necessary to consult a doctor or not. Excessive sweating is not life-threatening, but, in practice, a big influence on human psychology, he becomes nervous, insecure, afraid to go to the contact, thinking that it could give his sweating. As a consequence, hyperhidrosis may lead to neurosis, feelings of depression, psychological instability.