Infectious diseases

Herpes simplex

Herpes is characterized by the appearance of painful light yellow bubbles with clear content. Herpes simplex – an acute disease of the skin and mucous membranes, the disease is caused by a virus of the herpes. The most frequent localization – the lips, mucous membrane of the mouth. Herpes is unpleasant, as prone to frequent recurrence.


  • Rashes on the skin or mucous membranes.
  • Painful pale yellow bubbles with clear content. Most often they appear in groups.
  • Redness of the skin.


Infection with the herpes simplex virus is directly from an infected person. Viruses can easily penetrate through the slightest damage to the skin or mucosa. Most often, the first infection with herpes simplex virus occurs in childhood (the time of infection goes unnoticed). The incubation period lasts about a week. Group bubbles with clear content appear on the painful area of skin flushed, and then it darkens. After a few days blisters opened and heal within 2-3 weeks. Sometimes, the body temperature rises. Bubbles can spread throughout the body. Children under 5 years old suffer from this disease especially hard.


In recurrent cold sores on the lips, you can apply medical creams around the mouth to accelerate recovery. These creams contain antiviral – acyclovir or zovirax. If you apply the cream with the appearance of itching sensations, you may even prevent bubbles. But delaying treatment cream also speeds recovery treatment also speeds recovery. With frequent recurrences of herpes, there is the need to use bracing means (immunoglobulins, vaccines, vitamins).

Family members of people infected with herpes simplex virus must strictly follow the rules of personal hygiene. Sexual partners are encouraged to use mechanical contraceptives. It is very important that children, especially infants, do not be infected with herpes.

Very important moment is personal hygiene. Ways of transmission of herpes simplex virus – airborne and sexual contact. Therefore, we must try to ensure that others do not have contracted the virus.

If the disease often recurs, consult your doctor who prescribed the drug. With the defeat of the eye should immediately see a doctor, because the lack of treatment can lead to impaired vision. If the elements of the rash appeared in newborns or infants, they will be treated by doctor; the virus can cause very severe disease.

In the first place, the doctor will check whether the disease is not struck eyes, liver, or brain, and then appropriate drugs will be assigned.

Course of the disease

Some women have herpes simplex only during menstruation, in other patients – digestive problems, fever, or after sun exposure. But often it occurs without any known cause. The first symptoms are itching and redness. In addition, several skin swells, groups appear painful vesicles with clear content. After about two weeks, these vesicles shrivel into crust and heal.

Is it a dangerous disease?

This disease is very dangerous, but if the virus infects the eyes, it may be declined. Herpes is more dangerous for young children because stomatitis starts due to lesions of the oral mucosa. Another possible complication is an inflammation of the liver. In rare cases, herpetic brain damage occurs in humans. This disease is called herpes encephalitis, which can be deadly.

Probably not many people know that the consequences are usually benign herpes simplex can be very heavy (herpetic eye disease, liver or brain). This is especially true of those who have weakened immune system. People suffering from cancer and other infectious diseases have high probability of occurrence of such complications.