Skin diseases


Felon – a common name all forms of purulent inflammation of tissues of the fingers and hands, resulting from infection with minor injuries.


  • Redness.
  • Throbbing.
  • Pain in the wrist.
  • Pain with pressure on the tissue that surrounds the inflammation.


Common causes of this painful inflammation are small sores that occur due to damage to the skin move aside when performing manicure or ingrown nails in the nail fold. Various cracks of skin of the fingers also contribute to getting pyogenic pathogens.


If the inflammation affects only the upper layers of the tissue, often it is necessary to apply an antibiotic ointment. If the inflammation penetrates into the deeper layers and affects tendons, periosteum, and even bone, then surgery is needed. In the treatment of felon also glucocorticoids are used. Antifungal drugs are prescribed to patients with fungal infections of the skin.

When you have a felon, long known domestic medical device can help: it is necessary to dissolve in water liquid soap, then soak the affected finger in it and keep it until tender skin. Then a patient should grease the finger with ointment, pulling pus.

Stimulation of bleeding from wounds, visible to the naked eye, helps in the prevention. In the event of a purulent inflammation ointment and antibiotics are prescribed by a doctor.

If after three days the inflammation is clearly not reduced (as well as the propagation of inflammation), you must consult a doctor.

The doctor will first and foremost in order of the wound, prescribe ointment and antibiotics. Further, he decides the need for surgical treatment. In chronic infection the doctor in some cases remove the nail, thereby providing the best conditions for the growth of the new nail.

Course of the disease

The affected area becomes red and swollen. The skin is tense, brilliant and hot. The patient first feels a throbbing pain at the site of inflammation, especially when the arm is lowered, then the feeling of pain increases.

Due to the special arrangement of connective tissue fibers brush inflammation can penetrate deeper and hit the subcutaneous layer, tendons, tendon sheath, periosteum, and even bone.

Inflammation of the deeper layers of tissue fingers is especially dangerous. Initially felon is not dangerous, but if you run it, the consequences can be very heavy.

The fact that the tendon sheath brushes are connected to one another, and the bacteria can readily penetrate from one finger to another.