Chorea is a disease of the brain muscles. Girls aged 6-15 years most suffer from this disease. The disease affects subcortical structures of the brain, particularly the striatum. Major symptoms of chorea are sudden involuntary arrhythmic motions of extremities, heads, torso and decline of muscle tone. At excitement reflex movements are amplified, and during sleep – pass. Also the changes of psyche can appear. Surrounding people notice quickly, that a child is nervous, often crying. Badly, that involuntary twitches and reflex movements of the facial muscles adults wrong consider mischief, because the disease, which is not noticed in good time, can make progress. The muscles of extremities and face twitch faster and faster, tremble, they are taken by a cramp. Soon a child stops normally to walk, sit or talk. Dangerous exhaustion of organism can happen from intensive reduction of muscles. In addition, the mood of child gets worse, a child becomes quieter – these symptoms show that a patient is suffering from this illness.


  • Twitching of the striated muscles of the face and body.
  • Poor coordination of movements.
  • Changes of psyche.
  • Paralysis.


The disease affects children, who have so-called neuropathic constitution. It is assumed that chorea is a consequence of active rheumatism. This form of rheumatism shows up only after the infectious disease that is caused by certain type of streptococci. Rheumatic inflammation engulfs blood vessels, bark and other structures of cerebrum and soon there are characteristic symptoms of chorea.


Children, who are diagnosed with chorea, should be treated in the hospital. The disease can be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, salicylates (often also hormones are used). A patient is especially needed intensive care sedatives.

First of all, you must try to understand children who have above symptoms, compassion from falling to their lot difficulties. In no case do not laugh and scoff.

At the first symptoms of chorea you should immediately speak to the doctor. This is very important, if these symptoms appeared after the active phase of rheumatism.

After anamnesis a doctor establishes a diagnosis. However, at the beginning of the disease, it is quite difficult to diagnose. At a diagnosis «chorea» a doctor directs the child to the hospital.

Course of the disease

The disease flows variously. At an easy form chorea does not make progress farther, however, such cases are rare. More frequent all characteristic symptoms show up, sometimes it affects only one side of the body. Mean time of illness – three months. If a child is treated by specialist, a prognosis is favorable. Defining the improvement of the state of child is possible on all more co-ordinated motions. However, sometimes the disease recurs, but also its recurrence can be successfully treated. During a relapse the disease most often does not affect a brain, but cardiac muscle, valves – that results in the heart defect.

Is it dangerous?

Yes, chorea is very dangerous. From uncontrolled muscle contractions patient can wound oneself, as a last resort even die of exhaustion of organism.

Chorea in adults

Also chorea may affect adults. Except for violation of motions the basic symptom of the disease is a progressive disorder of the psyche. The disease begins in 25-45 years, and people have to spend all remaining life in a psychiatric clinic or in a hospital with the proper care. It is the inherited form of chorea, though very rare.