Category: Symptoms

Timely respond to the symptom of a disease is a serious step to avoiding illness.


Chest pain

Thorax – the upper section of the trunk, shaped like a truncated cone. The rib cage is formed by the thoracic spine, ribs and sternum. It protects the vital organs (heart, lungs), is connected with the skeleton of the upper extremities, is involved in the process of respiration. Chest pain is one of the most …


Sore throat

Burning throat, pain on swallowing, the feeling of compression of the pharynx – all this includes symptom of sore throat. The pain may be caused by inflammation of the pharynx (throat), tonsils (tonsillitis) or larynx (laryngitis). However, often a sore throat is just one symptom of any disease. The throat hurts usually with a cold, …


Pain in the side

Pain in the side – it’s a pain, localized to the right or left side. Its appearance is often a symptom of an illness. Causes of pain Pain in the upper body can be caused by damage to the ribs, lung or heart. With heart disease the pain is most often localized in the left …


Pall skin

Pale skin (most often – face) is the result of various diseases and the influence of factors, adverse to the human body. Skin color depends on the number of circulating blood in small arteries and capillaries. When blood vessels constrict, the person becomes pale. With the expansion of large vessels due to blood flow, the …



Vagina should always be a little wet, so mucosa constantly produces a clear liquid goo. Leucorrhoea – a discharge from the genital organs. For natural reasons, it is allocated more leucorrhoea before menstruation, during pregnancy or during sexual arousal. Pathological leucorrhoea – is excessive in number and unusual nature of the selection (may be watery, …