Category: Poisoning

Poisoning by noxious substances hazardous to life, with any type of poisoning should give first aid to the victim.


Lead poisoning

Lead – a chemical element which can be found everywhere. One millionth of a gram can be identified and in healthy humans. This toxic heavy metal accumulates in bone tissue and can cause poisoning: chronic poisoning (for a certain period of time in the human body is focusing too much lead), and acute poisoning (a …


Mercury poisoning

Net mercury from broken thermometer evaporates at room temperature and is very poisonous. In addition, you can get poisoned and mercury-containing paints or substances intended for disinfection. Symptoms appear after an erroneous admission of these fluids. Mercury, as well as its compounds is highly toxic. For acute or chronic poisoning is enough of a relatively …


Arsenic poisoning

Arsenic – a semimetal, which is found in all living organisms, as well as in the crust. Arsenic and its compounds (arsenic trioxide, arsenic acid and its salts, arsenious hydrogen, herbicides, pesticides, etc.) are causes a poisoning, getting into the body by inhalation, soaked from the gastrointestinal tract and the skin surface. The main inorganic …


Smoke poisoning

Risk of poisoning occurs when a fire is something smoldering and smoke. The structure of modern building materials is quite a lot of cyanide, so a fire is always a danger of cyanide poisoning. Cyanic acid (hydrogen cyanide) and its salts are highly toxic, danger to life may be even a small amount. The second …


Mushroom poisoning

Mushroom poisoning most often occurs due to the fact that people do not know that this mushroom is poisonous. You can get poisoned by chewing the stem or leaf of poisonous plants. Poisoning in children are most frequently. However, there is a high risk of poisoning among fans of mushrooms. Some plant poisons are potent. …