Skin diseases

Atheroma, sebaceous cyst


Sebaceous cyst – a benign tumor of the skin in the form of a dense formation with clear contours, painless, welded to the skin. Most often there is sebaceous cyst near the ears, scalp and face, chest, back and genital area. The contents of sebaceous cyst – thickened skin oil off-white color. Distinguish between true and false sebaceous cyst. When atheroma is false, you can see the duct obstruction. Greasy mass with an unpleasant odor released from the atheroma, if you push it.


  • Elastic painless education, rounded, elevated above the skin.


In the event of a true atheroma, skin cells or germs glands, which in reality should be placed on the skin surface, are in the deeper layers of the skin and do not communicate with its surface. It is still in the womb at an early stage of embryo development. Thus, the true atheroma – is inherited abnormality of the skin. When atheroma is false, it blocks the ductless glands. It is assumed that this is caused by atheroma innate tendencies and poor personal hygiene.


As for the true and false in atheroma surgery is performed to remove them. During surgery, the doctor inserts into the tissues located around the atheroma, anesthetic, causing local anesthesia, then excising produces atheroma with a capsule and put on the wound edges. This simple surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. Some surgeons make dissection atheroma electric knife. Doctors are still arguing about whether the atheroma disappear forever. Indeed, over time, the tumor may recur.

The man who found himself in atheroma, there is a desire to squeeze out. Many believe that so will get rid of it. However, the squeezing of atheroma increases the likelihood of inflammation. Moreover, it will again be filled with dermal fat.

Sebaceous cyst – a cosmetic defect. Therefore, the doctor must ask if it interferes or inflamed. However, independently of atheroma is difficult to distinguish malignant tumors of the skin. Therefore, noticing changes in the skin, seek medical attention. Symptoms of inflammation of atheroma – a painful redness, hot skin.

Your family doctor will examine and refer the patient to a surgeon who will remove the atheroma. Also, wanting to make sure that the tumor is not really dangerous; your doctor will send a sample of tissue for histological examination.

Course of the disease

Sebaceous cysts are of different sizes. Usually, they grow slowly for years, sometimes suppurate. Sebaceous cysts are single and multiple, ranging in size from a pea to a hen’s egg. False atheroma may even be as big as an apple. This is so that if time does not make removal of atheroma, the excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands is stasis (slows down current). The danger arises only when the inflammation of atheroma. When suppuration all signs of inflammation occur, the skin becomes thinner over the atheroma and breaks – pus and other content of atheroma is allocated. After breaking through the fistula are often, but when you save the capsule – relapse. With timely treatment prognosis is favorable.

If the skin appears suddenly swelling, which gradually increases, it may be a sign of a dangerous skin neoplasms. Therefore, noticing any changes in the skin, should seek immediate medical attention.