Infectious diseases


Aspergillosis is caused by Aspergillus. It is an infectious disease. Aspergillosis most commonly affects people with weakened immune system.

Symptom of this fungal infection is mycetoma. It is found most often in the top of the patient’s lungs.


  • Aspergillosis is often not characterized by clear symptoms.
  • Sometimes bothersome cough.
  • Unpleasant infection of various internal organs.
  • Fever.


When breathing Aspergillus gray (Latin Aspergillus fumigatus) penetrates into the lungs and they’ll begin to multiply rapidly, forming mycetoma which can be seen on x-ray light. Some patients do not feel any symptoms; while others suffer from constantly recurring cough, slight fever can sometimes be. Mycetoma‚Äôs pathogens with blood can spread throughout the body of patient and hit the brain, kidney, bone, spleen, heart and thyroid. The consequences of such an extension are different at organs, which is involved. Epilepsy, inflammation of the heart muscle or other affected organs may begin. In any case, the patient has symptoms of chronic inflammation: constant fever, loss of appetite, anemia and exhaustion. Due to the fact that aspergillosis (mycetoma) is usually found in people suffering from a serious illness, a doctor can be difficult to distinguish from symptoms of the underlying disease fungal infection.


Mycetoma can be removed surgically, and aspergillosis is treated with antifungal medications.

Due to the fact that the agents of aspergillosis with blood can spread throughout the body and cause serious illness, at the first symptoms you need to see a doctor.

Mycetoma (limited focus of Aspergillus lesions) can be removed. This is a dangerous operation, so the doctor will recommend doing it only in the case of possible complications, which can cause the mycetoma. Mycetoma, that does not cause any specific symptoms, is often found incidentally on chest radiography performed for another reason. Of the lesion germs can easily spread throughout the body, so a doctor will treat even in the absence of symptoms. The main remedy – systemic antimycotics (antifungal drugs that kill fungi or inhibit their growth (same antibiotic that inhibits the growth of bacteria and destroy them.) Special anti-fungal drugs can stop the growth of fungi diseases that have already spread throughout the body.

Is it a dangerous disease?

Like most other infectious diseases, aspergillosis is most often seen in people with a weakened immune system. The main diseases in which the immune system is weakened are AIDS, tuberculosis, and various cancers, but aspergillosis can become sick and debilitated elderly patients. When disease aspergillosis, scattering can occur – many organs and systems are affected. If doctors can not cure the underlying disease, or at least mitigate its course, then the treatment of aspergillosis can be successful. However, in certain cases, the infection is a complication of an underlying disease, so that death is possible. Thus, because of the heavy main disease, aspergillosis (which is not too dangerous) can lead to the death of a weakened man.


The best prevention of aspergillosis is a healthy way of life that is capable of normal immune system.