Respiratory diseases


By prolonged exposure to asbestos dust there is a risk of specific disease pneumoconiosis – asbestosis of the lungs. Asbestos is one of six mineral (silicate), which dust is well connected with tissue. Symptoms of pulmonary asbestosis: an irritating cough, sticky mucus and pain when breathing. The disease can predetermine of respiratory failure. Often in the outer tissue of the lung lesions seals appear, which is called pleural plaques asbestos. Furthermore, asbestos skin warts occur. At a late stage of the disease mesothelioma may develop – cancer of the epithelium of the lungs and pleura.


  • Shortness of breath. Irritating cough.
  • Sticky mucus (sometimes with blood and pus).
  • Physical weakness.
  • Sometimes – an inflammation of the lungs or bronchial tubes.


It is assumed that this chronic inflammation, covering the lungs, act on their structure. Respirable asbestos dust gets into the thinnest twigs bronchi, where it causes an inflammatory reaction. Due to the fact that the organism can not allocate asbestos particles through the lymphatic system, it encapsulates the fibers of the connective tissue, which occurs due to bronchial occlusion.


Pulmonary asbestosis can not be cured, but doctor can alleviate the symptoms of the disease with medicines. In some cases it is possible to remove the tumor.

A person working with asbestos should be well acquainted with the rules of labor protection. Smokers should quit smoking, since smoking weakens the body’s immune system. When there is a pulmonary asbestosis, and smoking, the risk of lung cancer increases.

People who work with asbestos should regularly check their health.

If you suspect that asbestosis, doctor will prescribe X-rays and conduct a research on the functioning of the lungs. This research confirms or refutes the diagnosis. In cases of doubt, doctor will recommend to change a job.

Course of the disease

The first symptom is shortness of breath, which at first appears only during exercise, and later – at rest.

Due to the fact that the lungs are given in the blood, the heart has to pump blood faster. The result – heart failure could be shown.

This disease determines the decline in physical strength. When there is the heart failure or mesothelioma, prognosis is poor.